Hannah Hamilton


A sarcastic woman from India is obsessed with films. She always wears red trousers. She strongly dislikes kangaroos and always carries multiple sandwiches with her.

Graham Wilkinson


Skydiver, mother of 2, and professional ukulelist.  Living at the nexus of minimalism and elegance.  His biggest fear is having a heart attack while browsing adult material and not being able to close the browser. 

Joey Trujillo

Sound Engineer

Joey is an admired man from Eastern Europe who can only swim when facing north. People often compare him to an admired mountain. His biggest fear is being killed by a vampire. He is striving to redeem himself after saying a rude word on social media.

Josh Fabian


A law-abiding postal worker from America is obsessed with envelopes. He always wears skimpy clothes. His top quality is that he is particularly chatty. He has been wrongly accused of stealing an ice cream.

Paul Arbogast


A modest man from Australia who can only laugh when he is upside down. His biggest fear is being killed by a postal worker. His purpose in life is to get home.