october, 2018

02oct7:00 pm11:00 pmElectric Open Jam

03oct9:00 pm11:00 pmWound Up Wednesdays

04oct9:00 pm11:59 pmLadies Night w/ The Moves Collective

05oct9:00 pmEGi [at] Intrinzik w/ Mr. Specific

06oct9:00 pm11:59 pmWave 11

09oct7:00 pm11:00 pmDrum Jam

10oct9:00 pm11:00 pmWound Up Wednesdays

11oct9:00 pm11:59 pmLadies Night w/ Viking Sound Machine

12oct8:00 pm11:59 pmAvenhart

13oct9:00 pm11:59 pmSuckafish

14oct3:00 pm7:00 pmAggie Unda in "A Weekend With A struggling Actress"

16oct7:00 pm11:00 pmAcoustic Jam

17oct9:00 pm11:00 pmWound Up Wednesdays

18oct8:00 pm11:00 pmBurlesque! Montrose

19oct9:00 pm11:59 pmA Lifetime to Overcome

20oct9:00 pm11:59 pmCosmopolitics

21oct4:00 pm7:00 pmDavid Starr and Erik Stucky

22oct6:00 pm7:00 pmMontrose-Intro to Burlesque

23oct7:00 pm11:00 pmTurnt Tuesday

24oct9:00 pm11:00 pmWound Up Wednesdays

25oct9:00 pm11:59 pmLadies Night w/ The March Divide

26oct9:00 pm11:59 pmNiceness Halloween

27oct9:00 pm11:59 pmRift's Halloween Extravaganza

28oct3:00 pm6:00 pmAggie Unda in "A Weekend With A struggling Actress"

31oct9:00 pm11:00 pmWound Up Wednesdays